Thursday, May 13, 2010


Saturday, 5/8, we arrived in Mesa Arizona in the afternoon and parked in my cousin, Jeanette's driveway. What a super large house she has and a lot of land. We visited for hours then went out to dinner, it was really nice to see her. Sunday we left about 7am and headed for Walmart in Edgewood New Mexico. Hell of a drive, the wind was blowing so hard that we had to keep the steering wheel turned to the right to keep the rig straight. When I was driving there was a dust storm, I could see ahead and when the big rig drove into it, it just disappeared. Needless to say I slowed down because I didn't know if I could see an accident through all the blowing dirt. Once I drove into it you could see just fine, better safe then sorry. While driving I passed a trailer that had flipped over, the SUV was fine but the trailer was on it's side. We discovered when we got to the Walmart the awning from one of our back slides was torn up, will have to fix it once we get to Iowa.
Monday morning we headed for a Walmart in Yukon Oklahoma and arrived in the late afternoon. While sitting in the coach watching TV all of a sudden the City sirens started going off. A tornado was on it's way, Dave started yelling at me to get out of the coach and run inside Walmart. He started pulling in our slides while I ran outside to see the tornado, which was amazing to see. Some Walmart employees were outside watching it too, I got 2 pictures, the sirens were just blaring then Walmart wanted everyone in the middle of the store so everyone ran inside. I looked around at everyone and prayed that the tornado didn't hit us, I didn't want to die with some of those scary looking people. After about 10 min. the alarms went off and we were cut loose but they warned us that we were still under a tornado watch. If you saw the news a tornado in Norman OK, 50 miles south, did a lot of damage and 5 people died I believe. Luckily the alarms never went off again that night.

Tuesday we left early in the morning, no wind or rain it was a beautiful drive all the way to Branson, MO where we are right now. While writing this blog we are under a severe thunder storm watch. Got so bad that we lost our satellite signal for our TV, plus, rain is coming down in buckets.
Tuesday night we went and saw The Texas Tenors, great show, I thnk last year they made it to Semi Finals in America's got talent.
Wednesday at 10am we went and saw Jeerk another great show. This is 5 guys from Sweden that did Rock 'n' Rhythm/Tap (think Stomp). At 2pm we went and saw The Hughes Brothers, great show again. These brother's have more then 25 kids between them and they all are in the show. They aren't done having kids either so I think they are going to need a bigger stage soon. 8pm we went and saw SIX, 6 brothers that have amazing voices, no band but you would swear there was a band there. They are dubbed "An Orchestra of Human Voices" really a fabulous show. One story they told was that at 17 their mom was told she could never have kids. However she went on to have 10, yes I said 10, all boys. They said that the other 4 brothers were normal and had real jobs.
The RV park we are staying at is right in the middle of town, so all of the touring and shows we have seen have all been in walking distant. This is great since we haven't really been able to walk any since leaving Simi Valley.
Today we just went driving around checking out the area, walked around an outside mall then came back to the rig to relax. Tomorrow we are heading out to either Kansas City, MO but if we still feel like driving we just might go all the way to Altoona, Iowa where the amusement park is.


MICHAEL said...

OMG! I think I would have shit my pants! I am VERY happy to hear you're ok. This always worries me, when I know you're on the road traveling, and bad weather happens. Did you just freak out? I think my Dad would have just ran into Walmart without telling Mom to get into the store. LOL! I'm glad Dave thought of your safety first. I miss you guys very much! LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!

Jeri said...

I thought it was neat, and I probably would have stayed outside but Dave made me go into Walmart. He kept saying to me "THIS ISN'T A JOKE" I told him maybe if I would have been through one then maybe I would be scared, like living through earthquakes. Earthquakes really make my heart pound, especially the 1994 one that hit Simi and Northridge.